It’s no secret that KW is a highly-reputable manufacturer of various suspension components. Considering that this company constantly works on new technologies, it seems natural that its products usually refer to modern street or track racing cars. However, there is also a line of products that is completely dedicated to legendary models from the past.

The process of car restoration demands a lot of work. Of course, the focus is always on getting back the original look. Still, it is important to keep mechanics in a perfect condition. This includes suspension parts as well. Original parts are very hard to find. On the other side, aftermarket parts in many cases are not such good alternative. Fortunately, this manufacturer offers a lot of suspension parts that fit some of the famous classic cars, but also improve performances significantly.

KW offers a wide range of suspension kits for track days, professional racing and street applications, depending on the purpose. Many classic cars were characterized by some very interesting and unusual design solutions, so KW offers various kinds of kits that are made of different materials like aluminium, steel, various alloys etc. Also, dampers have different valve technologies in order to mimic original design solutions.

Although this might sound new to you, KW works on suspension parts for classic cars for years. For a pretty long time, they are helping car enthusiast. So, there are already specific suspension kits designed for various models like AC Cobra, Audi Quattro, BMW 2002, Ford Escort I, Morgan Plus 8, Mercedes-Benz 190 etc.

Also, many products that are part of the KW’s standard offer actually fit older cars. For example, there are KW Variant 3 adjustable dampers that perfectly fit famous Porsche 911 series produced between 1973 and 1989. In addition, the replacement of serial shocks doesn’t demand any paperwork.

Benefits of KW suspension kits are numerous. For example, you will surely improve visual appeal. Also, you will get incomparably better performances, which means a far better grip, safer driving feeling, a prevention of coming off the ground, reduced overall wheel oversteer and much more.

In these days, KW offers numerous classic suspension kits designed for specific models like Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi Coupé (Type 89Q), Audi 200 (44Q), BMW 3.0 CSL (E9), BMW 3-Series (E30) VW Beetle, VW Golf I etc.