The famous German manufacturer now offers a new version of its famous springs, designed especially for the new generation of the hot-hatch icon Honda Civic Type R. The newest version of this performance car has been released last year and it is one of the most beloved models in the segment. The new version brings numerous new design solutions. Of course, people usually refer to the new engine, styling etc. However, one of the most important parts for excellent performances is the suspension. It is a critical part of every sports car, especially if the chassis needs to deal with 320 horsepower!

In this aspect, the new Type R comes with Dual-axis strut front suspension and Multi-link rear suspension. Such layout provides excellent handling and overall performances. Still, if you want to get even better results, new springs from Eibach would be an excellent choice. For this occasion, the famous manufacturer has been developed special spring that will perfectly match Civic Type R, starting from the 2017-year model.

So, what’s the deal with these new springs? Actually, the base design seems pretty familiar. These are actually classic PRO-KIT springs that Eibach offers for years. Only some tweaks to fit this particular model, and you get perfect handling. This spring kit will bring improvements in terms of both performances and visual appearance. It provides a lower centre of gravity, which is definitely of a big help for a chassis that has to deal with such great amount of power. Count on a big reduction of squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. Car lowering always brings benefits in terms of styling, despite the fact that this model is designed as a real street racer. Still, additional lowering would reduce fender-well clearance additionally, which makes this amazing car even more attractive.

PRO-KIT springs are a perfect choice to lower this amazing sports car. You will get even better performances, without sacrificing safety and comfort. Eibach’s reputation guarantees excellent quality and long-term use. All products of this manufacturer are tested by company’s engineers, as well as performance driving professionals. A great way to take your driving passion to the completely new level.