One of the first things that come to my mind when it comes to car tuning is lowering. Simply, this is one of the first steps you should make when you want to get a better visual appeal. After getting your dream rims/ wheels, it is important to fill that so-called fender-well hole. With stock suspension, you probably won’t get wanted effect of new wheels. So, a perfect solution would be an instalment of new springs that will lower the car for a few centimetres. This can be done in many ways. Of course, you can go for a complete suspension kit which will bring the improvement in many ways. Still, this can be pretty expensive, especially if you want to lower some older, non-expensive car model.

One of the best solutions is to go for lowering springs. These simple products are easy to install but you’ll benefit in many ways. Of course, visual appeal is something that comes to our minds first. Still, the performance improvement is important as well. You probably won’t get such amazing result as with purchasing a complete suspension kit, but every car lowering will improve performances for sure. With the lower centre of gravity, you can count on better handling, which is crucial for cornering, as well as for acceleration and braking.

Even these simple products can be pretty expensive, especially if you decide to go for some reputable brands. One of the solutions could be AP lowering springs. This manufacturer is relatively fresh fish on the car market, which offers affordable products with a pretty good overall quality.

These springs are one of the manufacturer’s most popular products. With a pretty affordable design and decent overall quality, you definitely won’t go wrong with them. You can count on lowering between 40 and 60 mm. This will provide a much lower centre of gravity, which basically means much better handling. Excellent durability and long-term use are guaranteed, thanks to high-strength alloy and powder coating.

These lowering springs are pretty universal and cover a wide range of car models from manufacturers like VW, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Honda, Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Ford and many others. Also, it is important to mention that these springs, as well as all other AP products, have German TUV certificate. Count on a 2-year warranty too.