I am far from the first person on the internet to tell you this, but when thinking on improving the performance of your car, the first thing to do is the suspension. Why? Well, factory suspensions are almost always tuned with comfort in mind and to be honest, if your car is not some special, sporty version, it doesn’t have a high-quality suspension as well.

That isn’t to say that your car drives bad. For most drivers and passengers, normal family cars have nice balance between comfort and handling, even though there are always better or worse respectively. But, for the keen driver, there is always the need to extract that extra performance in the bends and for them, installing third party suspension is a must. And if you thought that tuning your engine for extra horsepower is better way to start, think again – you’ll not be always able to rev your engine to the limit, but you can always feel the suspension working on improving your ride.

When thinking about installing better shock absorbers and springs on your car, Bilstein is good place to start. Heck, when I’ve been thinking about making my 1992 Corolla drive better at the start of this century, everyone I’ve asked told me the same thing: “buy a Bilstein bro”. And that was more than 15 years ago, when in my country we only knew only about Monroe.

But let’s get back to Bilstein. It’s a German company that started with the absorbers business over 60 years ago, with one thing in mind – improve what the factory offers. But experience is nothing without constantly improving on it, and here Bilstein really shines. They not only have 50 years of racing pedigree and a lot of won races, but the company has a lot of focus on R&D.

And the best thing is, they test each of the parts separately on the Nürburgring, so your car will have the best possible suspension performance. This is really what sets it apart from the rivals – every Bilstein suspension part is perfectly tuned to give you maximum driving enjoyment, or in other words, better handling without sacrificing ride comfort. As always, added bonus is that with almost every combination of shock absorber and spring, your car will be closer to the ground and look much sexier. Or higher from the ground if you choose to give your SUV better off-road performance and looks with Bilstein suspension.

For those who can’t really decide on which model to choose, whether a racing or a street one, Bilstein even has adjustable absorbers, that can be adjusted on the go for more comfortable or more sporty driving experience. And owners of air-sprung vehicles? Don’t worry, Bilstein has got you covered as well with their Air Springs replacement parts.

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Being a very serious suspension maker, Bilstein has a lot of models to choose from, available for most of the popular car models around the globe. Just be sure to check your exact car model before buying, especially when doing it online.