Why Bilstein should be on the shortlist when tuning your car suspension?

I am far from the first person on the internet to tell you this, but when thinking on improving the performance of your car, the first thing to do is the suspension. Why? Well, factory suspensions are almost always tuned with comfort in mind and to be honest, if your car is not some special, sporty version, it doesn’t have a high-quality suspension as well.

That isn’t to say that your car drives bad. For most drivers and passengers, normal family cars have nice balance between comfort and handling, even though there are always better or worse respectively. But, for the keen driver, there is always the need to extract that extra performance in the bends and for them, installing third party suspension is a must. And if you thought that tuning your engine for extra horsepower is better way to start, think again – you’ll not be always able to rev your engine to the limit, but you can always feel the suspension working on improving your ride.

When thinking about installing better shock absorbers and springs on your car, Bilstein is good place to start. Heck, when I’ve been thinking about making my 1992 Corolla drive better at the start of this century, everyone I’ve asked told me the same thing: “buy a Bilstein bro”. And that was more than 15 years ago, when in my country we only knew only about Monroe.

But let’s get back to Bilstein. It’s a German company that started with the absorbers business over 60 years ago, with one thing in mind – improve what the factory offers. But experience is nothing without constantly improving on it, and here Bilstein really shines. They not only have 50 years of racing pedigree and a lot of won races, but the company has a lot of focus on R&D.

And the best thing is, they test each of the parts separately on the Nürburgring, so your car will have the best possible suspension performance. This is really what sets it apart from the rivals – every Bilstein suspension part is perfectly tuned to give you maximum driving enjoyment, or in other words, better handling without sacrificing ride comfort. As always, added bonus is that with almost every combination of shock absorber and spring, your car will be closer to the ground and look much sexier. Or higher from the ground if you choose to give your SUV better off-road performance and looks with Bilstein suspension.

For those who can’t really decide on which model to choose, whether a racing or a street one, Bilstein even has adjustable absorbers, that can be adjusted on the go for more comfortable or more sporty driving experience. And owners of air-sprung vehicles? Don’t worry, Bilstein has got you covered as well with their Air Springs replacement parts.

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Being a very serious suspension maker, Bilstein has a lot of models to choose from, available for most of the popular car models around the globe. Just be sure to check your exact car model before buying, especially when doing it online.

Custom Grilles – Types

Overlay, Replacement and Insert Grilles

When it comes to the car styling, custom grilles are some of the most common replacement parts. This is a pretty simple and cheap way to improve your car’s visual appeal. Still, before purchasing any of these, you should learn all the types that can be found. The base classification is based on the way of the installation. There are overlay, replacement and insert grilles.

Overlay grilles are by far the easiest to install. You’ll just have to put the new one over the OE grille, without any removals, special tools etc. Replacement grilles are a little bit more complicated to install. As its name says, you will have to take of the original part and put the new, custom one in its place. You will need few tools, but the whole process isn’t much complicated, so you should be able to do it by yourself. Finally, there are insert custom grilles. This is where things are becoming complicated. Instead of covering or replacing, you need to cut off the inner, pattern area, and replace it with the new one, without changing the frame. If you don’t have any experience in doing something similar, this will probably be too complicated for you.  

Common Grille Shapes and Patterns

Custom grilles come in various shapes and materials. Some of the most common are billet grilles. These are characterized by recognizable radiator like pattern. Billet grilles are usually chromed. Mesh pattern is also hugely popular. Unlike billet grille that is usually chromed, this one can be also made of steel, carbon fibre, ABS plastic etc. The real deal starts with so-called CNC grilles. As their name says, these are made by CNC machine, which means that you can design pretty much everything you want. Some of the most common patterns are hole, round, oval, and diamond. CNC grilles with flames, tribal, spider web, stars, slash are also hugely popular. There are even textures like safari, shark tooth, or various kinds of symbols.

Beautiful auto grill!

LED Grilles

LED grilles are becoming a common thing among off-road and utility vehicles. These grilles bring plenty of benefits in terms of practicality, but it is also a great thing to improve the visual appeal of your SUV or truck. These grilles come with some common pattern, which is combined with LED lighting group. Speaking of LED lights, you can find various kinds of shapes, like round or cube lights, LED bars, dual LED bars, mounted turn signals etc.

Eibach Performance Springs for Honda Civic Type R

The famous German manufacturer now offers a new version of its famous springs, designed especially for the new generation of the hot-hatch icon Honda Civic Type R. The newest version of this performance car has been released last year and it is one of the most beloved models in the segment. The new version brings numerous new design solutions. Of course, people usually refer to the new engine, styling etc. However, one of the most important parts for excellent performances is the suspension. It is a critical part of every sports car, especially if the chassis needs to deal with 320 horsepower!

In this aspect, the new Type R comes with Dual-axis strut front suspension and Multi-link rear suspension. Such layout provides excellent handling and overall performances. Still, if you want to get even better results, new springs from Eibach would be an excellent choice. For this occasion, the famous manufacturer has been developed special spring that will perfectly match Civic Type R, starting from the 2017-year model.

So, what’s the deal with these new springs? Actually, the base design seems pretty familiar. These are actually classic PRO-KIT springs that Eibach offers for years. Only some tweaks to fit this particular model, and you get perfect handling. This spring kit will bring improvements in terms of both performances and visual appearance. It provides a lower centre of gravity, which is definitely of a big help for a chassis that has to deal with such great amount of power. Count on a big reduction of squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. Car lowering always brings benefits in terms of styling, despite the fact that this model is designed as a real street racer. Still, additional lowering would reduce fender-well clearance additionally, which makes this amazing car even more attractive.

PRO-KIT springs are a perfect choice to lower this amazing sports car. You will get even better performances, without sacrificing safety and comfort. Eibach’s reputation guarantees excellent quality and long-term use. All products of this manufacturer are tested by company’s engineers, as well as performance driving professionals. A great way to take your driving passion to the completely new level.

AP Lowering Springs

One of the first things that come to my mind when it comes to car tuning is lowering. Simply, this is one of the first steps you should make when you want to get a better visual appeal. After getting your dream rims/ wheels, it is important to fill that so-called fender-well hole. With stock suspension, you probably won’t get wanted effect of new wheels. So, a perfect solution would be an instalment of new springs that will lower the car for a few centimetres. This can be done in many ways. Of course, you can go for a complete suspension kit which will bring the improvement in many ways. Still, this can be pretty expensive, especially if you want to lower some older, non-expensive car model.

One of the best solutions is to go for lowering springs. These simple products are easy to install but you’ll benefit in many ways. Of course, visual appeal is something that comes to our minds first. Still, the performance improvement is important as well. You probably won’t get such amazing result as with purchasing a complete suspension kit, but every car lowering will improve performances for sure. With the lower centre of gravity, you can count on better handling, which is crucial for cornering, as well as for acceleration and braking.

Even these simple products can be pretty expensive, especially if you decide to go for some reputable brands. One of the solutions could be AP lowering springs. This manufacturer is relatively fresh fish on the car market, which offers affordable products with a pretty good overall quality.

These springs are one of the manufacturer’s most popular products. With a pretty affordable design and decent overall quality, you definitely won’t go wrong with them. You can count on lowering between 40 and 60 mm. This will provide a much lower centre of gravity, which basically means much better handling. Excellent durability and long-term use are guaranteed, thanks to high-strength alloy and powder coating.

These lowering springs are pretty universal and cover a wide range of car models from manufacturers like VW, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Honda, Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Ford and many others. Also, it is important to mention that these springs, as well as all other AP products, have German TUV certificate. Count on a 2-year warranty too.

KW Classic Suspension

It’s no secret that KW is a highly-reputable manufacturer of various suspension components. Considering that this company constantly works on new technologies, it seems natural that its products usually refer to modern street or track racing cars. However, there is also a line of products that is completely dedicated to legendary models from the past.

The process of car restoration demands a lot of work. Of course, the focus is always on getting back the original look. Still, it is important to keep mechanics in a perfect condition. This includes suspension parts as well. Original parts are very hard to find. On the other side, aftermarket parts in many cases are not such good alternative. Fortunately, this manufacturer offers a lot of suspension parts that fit some of the famous classic cars, but also improve performances significantly.

KW offers a wide range of suspension kits for track days, professional racing and street applications, depending on the purpose. Many classic cars were characterized by some very interesting and unusual design solutions, so KW offers various kinds of kits that are made of different materials like aluminium, steel, various alloys etc. Also, dampers have different valve technologies in order to mimic original design solutions.

Although this might sound new to you, KW works on suspension parts for classic cars for years. For a pretty long time, they are helping car enthusiast. So, there are already specific suspension kits designed for various models like AC Cobra, Audi Quattro, BMW 2002, Ford Escort I, Morgan Plus 8, Mercedes-Benz 190 etc.

Also, many products that are part of the KW’s standard offer actually fit older cars. For example, there are KW Variant 3 adjustable dampers that perfectly fit famous Porsche 911 series produced between 1973 and 1989. In addition, the replacement of serial shocks doesn’t demand any paperwork.

Benefits of KW suspension kits are numerous. For example, you will surely improve visual appeal. Also, you will get incomparably better performances, which means a far better grip, safer driving feeling, a prevention of coming off the ground, reduced overall wheel oversteer and much more.

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In these days, KW offers numerous classic suspension kits designed for specific models like Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi Coupé (Type 89Q), Audi 200 (44Q), BMW 3.0 CSL (E9), BMW 3-Series (E30) VW Beetle, VW Golf I etc.